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For a very long time, the most important thing for me was wealth creation, professional success and being recognized for my achievements. 

And I did it. I had it all!  Thriving career, husband, beautiful children, the house and all the titles and accolades that come with it.  


But I wasn’t happy. I was like a hamster in a cage. Working to keep up our lifestyle, afraid of failure and feeling like I had to make everyone around me happy. I looked like a success and felt like a failure. Deep down I knew there had to be more to life. 

All of the sudden the recession hit and everything blew up! My marriage ended, my business failed, and my mother began her battle with cancer. I found myself alone with all the household expenses, plus my kids & parents to support.  I was stressed, terrified and being pulled in every direction.  I quickly spiraled into a deep dark place. I felt worthless and powerless and the loneliness and fear kept closing in.

It was when I hit rock bottom that I found profound clarity and determination. I realized that I had spent my entire life, doing what others expected of me and not what I sincerely wanted out of life. I wanted a life that was more rewarding and personally fulfilling.  

That is when I became deliberate about my thoughts and actions.  After a few years of soul searching, I finally released my inner critic and slowly grew aligned with my real desires. I began to lift myself up and put myself back together piece by piece. I worked out my inner game, let go of self-doubt and stood up for myself and my true desires.

If I could do it, you can too. You’re stronger than you think and worthy of a fulfilling and meaningful life, where you become the boss of your life, and achieve the things that matter to you.

In June 2015, I took my 30 years in Corporate America, managing multi-million dollar projects, my business development skills and my life lessons and launched my life coaching practice for women stuck in jobs and lives that make them miserable


My mission is to touch your heart, encourage your mind, inspire your soul and help you discover your inner strengths and real potential so that you can build a life and business that fills your heart. 


You can have it all!! I will show you how to believe in yourself - to Shed your Shoulds and Shine!  It’s not too late to fall back in love with yourself, make a difference and create the life you deserve.

If you are truly ready to step into your authentic self and get back on your desired life’s path, then let’s talk.

Let’s make this life count.




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“There is no force more powerful than a woman determined to rise”
  -W.E.B Dubois

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