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If you’re a strong, successful woman yearning to reinvent yourself and step into an even higher level of CLARITY, CONFIDENCE, and COURAGE!


This event is for You!!


September 28th, 2019

 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Are you READY


Do you KNOW there’s more for you…

but not clear WHAT it is?


If you’re ready to take a (BIG!) step towards more

Fulfillment and Joy

 Join Us:


September 28th, 2019, 9:00 AM -6:00 PM

at the La Jolla Ballroom


Beloved BossLady Live Will Consist Of A Variety of Special Moments, Experiences And Surprises. Here are just a few….

Confessions of a Bosslady is a truth-telling conversation where these Beloved ladies will share their strength and struggles around self-worth, body image, single mom realities, betrayal, infertility, and much much more!

You will hear the story beneath the calm and confident exteriors and get inspired by women that have walked in your shoes so that you too can walk past fear and live an extraordinary life.

A Celebration of Women’s Strength, Struggle & Success!  

Katie Gutierrez

President and CEO of ERREZ DESIGN Inc., (a global interior design firm) and the creator of Biographical Design. She also runs a household as a mom and a wife. She lives life to the fullest and takes every plot twist in her life as an opportunity to rise.

Alexandra Kontos

An entrepreneur, (former attorney) and mom who tapped into the heroine within, reinvented herself and is making a prominent impact in the health insurance industry.

Liz Reboredo

a Family Mediator, Collaborative Family Attorney & Founder of Divorce in Kindness.  She has walked away from her career imposed masks,  reclaimed her authenticity, and became an intuitive and caring “ amicable solution seeker.”

Megan Fitzpatrick

Founder of The Fitz Solution and Creator of The Ultimate Selfie, a program that stems from her own decision to walk away from mediocrity and fear and towards her strengths, core values and passions.

Michelle Villalobos

Founder of The Superstar Activator, helping people step into their truest self and purpose to become more self-expressed. Several years ago, after experiencing a massive betrayal, Michelle picked up the pieces and turned the breakdown into the biggest blessing of her life

These women will show you that we each carry an instinct for excellence.   You have treasures, talents, gifts, and purpose and can live at your highest potential!!

Master Minds and Heart Circles

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Join me in “Redefining The B Word… From Bitch to Beloved

Over the last few years, I’ve developed a framework that I first used on myself, and later with clients to redefine and reinvent their lives. In this event, I’ll be sharing that framework and walking you through it, along with many other tools, principles, and practices to help you rise up and step into your true gifts, passion and purpose. 

So… what does “B” stand for when you’re a Beloved BossLady?


        From default patterns, limitations


        In yourself, your path and exude new found confidence, hope            and trust.


         Show up unapologetically authentic, much more self expressed           and willing to take imperfect action.


         Witness yourself and others with care, compassion, and                   gratitude. Hold yourself and others to their highest self.


          Be a part of something bigger than you, actively engage,                  connect and contribute generously your gifts, magic, wisdom               and skills.

“When you lift up women, you lift up humanity.” Melinda Gates

Beloved Bossladies Share and Declare

In these sessions, you will get to choose 1 of the 4 thought leaders and influencers to sit with while they share their wisdom and knowledge on a specific topic. They will gift you with tools, tips, different perspectives, aha’s and hmmm’s that you can take with you and implement into your life.

Candice S. Rasa, LCSW, IET, CJDF is a therapist, love warrior, and Akashic Records channel at Rasa Healing. She helps spiritually hungry souls bust karma and achieve liberation in this life. The Karmic Relationships break-out session will teach the key signs you’re in a charged karmic contract, and reveal simple, yet powerful, ways you can unhook yourself from patterned relationships.

Glory Alcantara Senior Brand Manager for Latin America in a Fortune 500 Company shares the unhealthy ways in which we cope and how setting healthy boundaries is a more empowering approach.

Judith Molina, Licensed Professional Counselor, MS, LMHC, LPC, owner of Healing Counseling Services, and creator of "Embrace your Girl Power" Program, which helps middle school-aged girls gain self-awareness, boost their self-esteem, become empowered, self-expressed and build a sisterhood! She will share practical ways to incorporate self care for your mind, body and spirit.

Diana Castro, the Co-Founder/Director/Producer at For Productions L.L.C. and Creator of Leaders With A Mission, will share how she walked away from a glamorous J.O.B. in tv production towards her purpose. She will share strategies that connect the dots between your purpose, your mission, and your Video marketing.

Forge bonds with other women who are redefining the “B” word –  B is for “Beloved Bosslady” – and showing up in support of each other with genuine care and interest.


  • Witness or participate in“loveseat” laser coaching.

  • Hear “Confessions of a Bosslady” real life break downs to breakthrough from other successful women. 

  • Mastermind BossLadies, like yourself and reinvent the next version of you.

  • Eat, drink, laugh, dance & play (crying is ok too!)

 The best parts of this event will be: 


  • Meeting and connecting with other incredible women and expanding your community.

  • Gaining new perspectives and wisdom from women who have walked in your shoes and others who are completely different from you.

This is a space for Celebration and Community, where you can come and fill up your cup — and contribute to others too.

My mission is helping high-achieving women rise and reach their desired goals. As I celebrate the 2 year “biz-aversary” since I boldly claimed a new life for myself, I am taking this opportunity to thank those who’ve helped me, honor those whom I’ve helped, and inspire more women to awaken to their full glory.


Join us for a day full of activities, stories, exercises, and breakthrough experiences to reconnect to your passion and purpose, and step more fully into your power.

““There is no force more powerful than a woman determined to rise”
                                                                                -W.E.B Dubois


Christy Risco

“Patty is one of those people that always makes me feel better! Her workshops add so much value and the few short hours are filled with value and transformation! So grateful for her work!!”

Mariel Lantigua

I have attended several workshops with the Bosslady and all I can say is , each time I attended she spoke to something my soul and conscience were feeling. Patty has a gift , that is connecting with your emotions to help you achieve breaking down emotional barriers that don’t allow us to be happy or at peace.

Thanks Patty!

Lorena Chavez

“I’ve attended several of Patty’s Workshops and I feel closer to my highest self each time I do. Every workshop has its own personality and no matter the activity, I always gain new perspectives and a fresh breath of life. Patty’s energy as a facilitator makes every workshop fun and inviting and her tribe is made up of beautiful souls who are always so welcoming. I love her and her workshops and encourage anyone who wants an energy-rich experience to sign up for one, or many!”

Throughout the day we will have Heart to Heart coaching moments, As well as eat, drink, dance and sing!! 

It will be an Epic Celebration!!

Join our epic celebration, become a Beloved BossLady with purpose and “Let’s Elevate your life and the planet!!”

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