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Frequently Asked Questions

How can you help me as a leader/influencer?

I help thought leaders and influencers like you stop riding the up-and-down revenue coaster by scaling your impact.

I help you finally get to the point where you can hire someone, take breaks, make more money, and build recurring revenue (without sacrificing your lifestyle at the altar of entrepreneurship.)


By creating seminars, retreats, and Masterminds with you.

We’ll monetize your thought leadership, content, and intellectual property with an energy-rich business model (like live get-togethers) so you can drive income and impact.

Just like you always wanted.

Who’s this for?

Experts, entrepreneurs, coaches, and consultants, who want to make money while making an impact – without sacrificing their lifestyle.

I’ll show you the exact process that took my (and many other) struggling low 6-figure speaking, consulting & training business to a 7-figure mentoring business in just 14 months.

How do you work with me?

We have immersion events, virtual retreats, high-level coaching programs, and lots more in between.

How much is it?

Depends on what you need. It’s not cheap, but it's very reasonable for the work we do. And, it’s an investment designed to have a positive ROI. That's my intention, and part of why I need to chat with you, to make sure that together we can make that happen.

How long does it take?

Usually about 30-90 days.

We’ll map out your new offers, set your pricing and packages, and design a streamlined (and way more effective) sales process—in just three months.

What if I'm just starting out?

If you're just starting out and have never ever been successful as an entrepreneur / solopreneur, it's not ideal, and it's not IMPOSSIBLE.

It has happened.

That said, you have to be really coachable, willing to listen, learn and implement!

What if I've been in business—successfully—for a long time? Will I get anything from this?

Then you’re our favorite kind of client!

If you've been "making it" for years, but want to make an impact... or you're successful on paper, but not feeling the joy or fulfillment you want to feel – and you're willing to take some risks and try something new – we can help.

What if I'm not ready just yet? Or what if I’m not available for your next retreat?

We have retreats at least once every quarter, so if this one doesn't work, perhaps a future one will.

We find a lot of people like to plan these well in advance.

If you're ready but can't make the retreat, then we have other programs to get you going until you can make it to one.

(We also have programs to work with me directly on strategy, or as a consultant.)

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