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Control Freak

First off....I want to ASSURE you...a "Control Freak" is NOT who you are!

Some days it may feel this way....but this is just a "persona" that is trying to run your life!

By taking this quiz - you are saying "I don't want to let this persona be in control anymore! (keep reading to learn how to transform...)


  • Over serving

  • Subservient

  • Insecure

  • Submissive

  • Inadequate

  • Comprising

Letting this persona wreak havoc in your life will cause you undo turmoil in your life:

You are truly a Supporter. You thrive when you are meeting the needs of the highest version of yourself.

  • Giving

  • Selfless

  • Compassionate

  • Empathetic

  • Caring

  • Participative

  • Harmonious

  • Win-win

  • Inclusive

  • Co-creation

  • Communicative

Ahhhh....this version of you sounds "right" doesn't it?

This is the version you long to be...desire to be....but you aren't sure how to become this version? 

I would like to help you....I have a solution for you....

Your Next Best Steps:

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