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A personal transformation that allows you to shift your personal story, experience a greater sense of fulfillment, and positively impact your life, relationships and income!

During the retreat 

we'll guide you to…

Identify limitations, fears, and internal conflicts.

Bust through emotional blocks, self sabotaging patterns and get unstuck.

Release negative relationships and behaviors.

Upcoming retreat:

August 6th-9th, 2020


 Sedona, Arizona!

Facilitators and Soul Sisters

I help women break-free from default patterns, tap into their passion and purpose so that they can live a life of fulfillment and satisfaction with grace and ease. 
Women are the foundation and core of our society and in helping a woman rise our families elevate, society illuminates and the planet shines.
Candice Rasa:

I help spiritually hungry people achieve soul level healing using the Akashic Records and Psychotherapy so that they can bust karma and align with their highest self.

In this way, through this practice, I hope to contribute to the elevation of love on this planet.

Patty is:

A  Certified Life & Business Coach, CPC  


Women Success Catalyst & Transformational Speaker


Creator of "Shed Your Shoulds & Shine" Blueprint for Success!


 Founder of Beloved Bosslady Success Circle

Candice is:

 A  therapist LCSW, IET, CJDF


Love warrior, and Akashic Records channel at Rasa Healing.  


Creator of " The PathWalker Program" & Karmic Parenting Workshop


You will reconnect with yourself through...

Self reflection, meditation, journaling and deep inner work

Nourishing our bodies with healthy and delicious food

   Immersions with nature that will reduce stress and anxiety

Celebration and movement of our bodies

In the beautiful 

Sedona, Arizona

Have you achieved a certain level of success but something is still missing?

Start living a life led by passion ...not people pleasing.

Take three days to awaken, explore, and connect to your true desires.

"The Divine Boss Lady retreat created a space that allowed me to quiet my mind to listen to my heart.  The program was skillfully crafted to leverage Patty’s experienced coaching and guidance, as well as individual work and group collaboration I was able to prioritize my personal and professional goals that helped me develop realistic, actionable and attainable short and long term goals.  The experience enriching and transformational!" - Angela Cruz

Who is this for?

The BossLady Retreat is an intimate, heart centered, transformational immersion for high performing, impact driven women who have focused most of their energy on “doing” and “achieving” rather than being.

You feel like you're running on empty or being pulled in every direction.

You have "it all" except a life that you're excited about.

You want fulfillment with your success.

Get ready to rock this life!

Past Retreats!

At the retreat you will...

Tap into your inner-power, passion, and purpose.

Radiate new found self-confidence, clarity, and courage

Become a super attractor to fulfillment, freedom, and fun.

The walls I had built came tumbling down and what was left underneath it all is gratitude and love. Thank you Patty for being my faithful guide and facilitator!  It could have been just another weekend gone by but now it feels like the beginning of a new outlook, a new life! - Liz Reboredo

Go from confused and complicated to CONFIDENT AND CLEAR!

"The retreat was filled with "aha" moments for me. It opened  up so many avenues, I had never taken before. The yoga, the meditation, the sharing, the journaling. It got me on a positive path and it helped me make some big decisions that allowed me to push through the stuck-ness I was in. The support and sharing with my inner circle girls helped me survive the sorrow I was in. I used to cry all the time, but not anymore!" - Eva Estrada

Let's get you the tools you need to create the balance you're looking for.

Talk to Patty about becoming a

Divine BossLady

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“There is no force more powerful than a woman determined to rise”
  -W.E.B Dubois

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