• Patricia Ferreira

Enough with the Self-Sabotaging Patterns

Updated: Jul 21, 2019

Our thoughts tend to dictate our energy and our energy dictates our experiences. And if our thoughts are negative it can often lead to self-sabotage. Yuck. 9 times out of 10 we don't even realize that we are allowing the stories in our head to have so much control of our lives!

If you think, "I'll never get that promotion." you're going to show up to the interview with low energy and the experience is going to be crap. You've already done the interviewers job for them by deciding that "you'll never get the promotion".

Another form of self-sabotage is expecting perfection instead of moving forward with imperfect action. "I can't start this until everything is perfect and I have the right amount of time." I hate to be the bearer of bad news but, it's probably never going to be "the perfect time". So now you won't accomplish what you really want.

We have to learn to let go of these unhelpful thoughts, beliefs and stories that we've told ourselves without any proof to back it!

So, let's break these self-sabotaging patterns! How?

1. Fact Check!

Question what your brain tells you and give it an alternative reality/story to choose if there is no basis for the claim.

Brain: "You'll never be able to afford your dream car."

You: "But why are you saying that? I'm going to start putting $100 a paycheck aside right now I'll have enough for a down payment on a car loan in a year. And I really want that car soooo, it's gonna be mine one day."

2. Imperfect Action

Just start the damn project. Sure, it probably won't be perfect your first try but I have often found inspiration and motivation aren't necessary for action but rather the opposite. Action leads to inspiration and motivation! Give it a try, it's awesome!

3. Create Empowering Mantras/Affirmations

I'll be the first to admit that I love affirmations and mantras and fully believe in them. So if you have realized and awoken to some self-sabotaging habits, create positive and empowering mantras you can say to get out of the pattern.

Ex. You have realized you're always down on yourself and think you don't "deserve" things. So you show up in life with this "I'm not worthy vibe" and people can sense it. When you wake up in the morning and thru to the end of the day remind yourself "I am worthy."

Be sure to practice self love!

Self-sabotage is completely avoidable and a habit we should be eager to break! I hope you are able to bring an awareness to any of your self-sabotaging patterns and utilize these tips to break free!

Sending you love & light!

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