• Patricia Ferreira

All you need is (self) Love!

Who is the one person you spend the most of your time with? That’s right, it’s you! So are you trying to spend time with someone who loves you or who is critical of you?

If you currently practice self-love, you will know how big of a positive impact it has on your life. If this is something new for you, well you’re in for a treat!

Some quick benefits of self-love:

- Being constantly around someone (yourself) who fully supports you.

- The freedom to move forward in life with grace and ease even after “going through some shit”

- Acceptance of flaws allowing you to show compassion to yourself & others!

- Self-love attracts even more love and harmony into your relationships.

- Allows you to be creative and improve yourself without judgement.

There’s tons more but let’s talk about how we can start practicing self love!

Start the day right!

You probably know what I’m going to say by now. Every morning I want you to look in the mirror and tell yourself you love yourself!

Treat yourself!

I’m not saying to go max out your credit cards on a day of shopping! I’m saying, think about the little things that make you happy and allow yourself to partake without judgement. For example: If you like to have a nice manicure but often talk yourself out of it for “practical reason” like, “my nails always get chipped anyways”, stop doing that! Make it happen and enjoy it!

Celebrate yourself!

You vacuum the living room even when you didn’t want to? High five. Landed a big contract at work? Sounds like a margarita is in order! You see your kids be kind to someone else? You raised them. You’re awesome!

Accept any and all compliments.

Just say thank you and believe it.

Self-love is not you being full of yourself. Self-love is accepting your humanness and loving all parts of it. The less awesome sides of yourself still need love because through loving them, you are taking ownership and now have the ability make positive changes. The super awesome sides of yourself need love so they continue to shine bright in this world.

My advice to you is love yourself, love others, and enjoy the journey!

Much love & light,

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