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Make Room For Your Best Self!

People Pleaser, Achievement Junkie, Control Freak. These past versions of me were a big ball of limiting stories, negative beliefs, and toxic conditioning. In the Boss Lady FB Group I’ve been asked what I've done to step away from those subversions of myself.

Here's a bit about the work I did to evolve:

The first step towards the best version of yourself and your highest destiny is CLEARING what no longer serves you. I call it "SHEDDING YOUR SHOULDS, SHAME & SADNESS"! If life feels heavy, dark, and challenging, it may be because you're carrying old, needless baggage.

Some examples are:

-Agreements, stories, or people that no longer align with you.

-Unwillingness or inability to forgive or let go of past mistakes, negative experiences, & resentment.

-Overburden by fear, shame, worthlessness, or what others think or want.

-Unceasing inner battle, or turmoil between the different parts of you.

One of the things I've cleared is; An agreement and belief that life was hard and required struggle. My mantra was "SHE WHO HITS FIRST WINS" that kept me on my toes, always expecting the unexpected. I was a warrior in full armor fighting all the time.

I was Bitchy, Skeptical, Guarded, Unapproachable, and Quick to Lash-out.

The first step towards your highest self is dissolving the muck. This is easier said than done. For me, it is an ongoing deliberate devotion to self-reflection and checking in to detect what is there before it gets too dense and murky.

A moment of self-reorganization where I go into self-reflection and identify the things I need to

1. Throw away, let go, shed.

2. Transform, modify, shift

3. Amplify, expand or do more of

How best to clear, dissolve, or get rid of unnecessary baggage is your work. It may require forgiveness; flipping the script or transforming it into something new, lighter, and useful (AKA, turning your mess into medicine). Other times, it's about boundaries and having the self-awareness to recognize that it is something projected on to you and not yours from the get go.

Sometimes we need a place to just let our hair down and be real. I’ve created a space for just that. Join us in the official Boss Lady & Inner Peace Goddess Group!

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“There is no force more powerful than a woman determined to rise”
  -W.E.B Dubois

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