• Patricia Ferreira

Why Wait?

Once I have enough money in the bank, then I'll be able to start planning my dream trip.

Once I get in shape, then I'll be confident.

Once I buy that new car, then I'll be happy.

Limiting beliefs like those do absolutely nothing for us! But we all think them, all the time. I call it the "Once I..." Myth.

I want you to think about the truthfulness of these types of thoughts and beliefs. They're pretty much always lies. You got the new car, and sure driving it around gives you a bit of happiness at first, but eventually it just becomes a part of your routine. It's no longer your "new car" it's just your car. So now you move your focus on to the next big thing! - Once I get my own house, then I'll be happy. - And so continues the never ending spiral of basing your happiness on something other than yourself.

So how can we start to train ourselves to stop thinking in this limiting way? I've employed two strategies in my life that worked:

1. Start making conscious choices every morning.

Choose happiness regardless of external circumstances. Choose confidence no matter what "shape" you're in. Choose to plan and dream about your vacation and believe it will happen one day no matter what your bank balance says.

2. Check Your Thoughts

When you catch yourself thinking limited thoughts. Stop them. You can even say to them, "thanks for stopping by but I'm actually happy right now even without the car." (I talk to my own thoughts all the time. It's oddly effective! 😂)

Our thought life has a huge impact on our real life. So when we consciously think and choose things like happiness and confidence, it will show up in our actions and behaviors. And when we start tuning in a bit more to what our brain is yapping about all the time, we get to see patterns we wouldn't have otherwise recognized.

So, in conclusion, once you stop with the limiting thoughts and beliefs, then you get to make powerful and impactful decisions for yourself and plan dream vacations! 😜

Sending you love & light!

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