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Trusting the Process & Freedom

I occasionally like to take time to reflect on past events to see exactly where things changed for me. There’s always the reallllly big obvious events, like my mother’s passing. But not everything is so obvious. Sometimes it’s agreeing to go to an event with a friend. Sometimes it’s a stranger on a plane. Other times it’s a quote I read on instagram that really spoke to me in that moment. If you don’t really examine it, these things don’t particularly stick out. That’s why I enjoy taking a few moments and look back. You should try it!

Whenever I do this small practice, I always get excited for what the future holds for me. What small, seemingly insignificant, event is going to spur me onwards and upwards in this life? It also helps me to trust the process of life a little bit more. Giving up my perceived control of life and trusting the process of life has been, in a word, liberating. I don’t worry so much, I’m more open to new ideas and opportunities, and I am more attuned to the awesome little things that happen for me in life!

Here are a few tips and tricks if you want to learn to stop trying to control everything and “trust the process”!

1. Release your fear of the unknown.

Whoa! That’s a pretty big ask, I know. I should probably write a blog just about that. Stay tuned. But logically - where has fear ever gotten you? Emotionally - being afraid is not a good time.

Affirmation: I happily relinquish all fear-based thoughts.

2. Start really celebrating all the little awesome things in your life.

Invite that stuff back! Make it feel welcome. Thrive in it! When you look for good, you see it. Same goes for the bad. So why waste our time with bad when we could be hanging out with the good!

Affirmation: I look for and find all the good in my life.

3. Be flexible.

I know you’ve heard this before but if we can’t change and be flexible, how can we expect life to give us what we want. When we can’t be flexible, we’re telling life that we have what we need, please do not send anything different. You must be flexible and open to allowing more into your life.

Affirmation: All things in life change, and I adapt willingly and easily.

4. Self-love.

I wrote all about it last week. But long story short, self love is huge when you’re learning to let go and trust the process. Love yourself knowing that you are worthy of all the beautiful wonderful possibilities life has to offer you!

Affirmation: I am worthy of love and joy.

Learning to trust the process is in and of itself a process but it is worth working towards to live a life of freedom and endless opportunity! Even when things don’t seem to be going your way, I promise you that if you push forward, it will all come together for you in the end. There is light at the end of every tunnel!

Sending you love & light!

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