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Divine BossLady

Mentorship Program


(By Invitation Only)

Become the Best Version of Yourself!


Self Discovery & Revelation

  • Reveal what's got you stuck

  • Identify limitation, fears & internal conflicts

  • Unveil your preferences & strengths

Outcome: Self Awareness & Clarity


Self Determination & Resolution

  • Let go of emotional blocks

  • Release negative behavior

  • Tap into inner power & true self

Outcome: Self Alignment & Harmony

This program allows you to realize how strong you really are. You are able to see the things that are hidden inside of you that are your power! – Laura Hajduk


Self Commitment & Reconciliation

  • Activate intuition & inner wisdom

  • Cultivate self care & positive mindset

  • Shift perceptions & own personal story

Outcome: Self Confidence & Empowered


Self Expression & Resurrection

  • Emerge unapologetically authentic & present 

  • Radiate new found trust, wisdom & creativity

  • Exude joy & divine influencing magic

Outcome: Self Fulfillment & Inspired

This program has helped me re-calibrate my personal growth and spiritual path. It has allowed me to maintain alignment with my life’s purpose. It creates great sisterhood and sense of belonging. it has also helped me fine tune my entrepreneurial vision and motivated me to launch my business.– Angela Cruz

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“There is no force more powerful than a woman determined to rise”
  -W.E.B Dubois

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